Meme creation Edit

Generate Meme-0

Users may upload memes by clicking on the Memes tab then selecting Generate Meme. From here is the option to use one of the meme templates from the lolzzz library or upload your own image. There are four text boxes which may be placed over the image and a choice of three fonts. The boxes may then be positions over the meme as desired. Once finished, you click on Save Image.

Dank Meme Detected

Selecting the bottom option will not upload the meme but instead save it to your device. Selecting the top option will take you to the next page where you designate a Ticker and Name for the meme as well as any tags that may apply.

Create Meme

Once finished click Create! and the meme is uploaded. There is a fee associated that doubles with each subsequent meme. However, this fee resets each day back to $50.00.

Stock options

Now you are ready for the Initial Public Offering. Each meme uploaded will have 10,000 shares which may be traded. You have a few IPO types to choose from, each with advantages and drawbacks. They price set for each share will then be listed on the Meme page for other users to purchase. In order to prevent monopolies you are required to own less than 75% of shares for a meme to count towards your Portfolio Net Worth.

Meme Value Edit

Once released users may Like or Dislike a meme which will determine the LZ value, the metric used for meme valuation. Based on the number of Likes, Dislikes, and Active users, the meme will generate earnings each week. Dank memes will generate positive earnings while a weak meme will lose money. In the event of positive earnings, users may create proposals to determine how those earnings are spent. The earnings may simply accrue, leading to higher meme value, paid out in cash as dividends, or invested into R&D and Marketing. R&D/Marketing Proposals are made on Mondays with Voting on Tuesdays. Dividend Proposals are made on Wednesdays with Voting on Thursdays. When Investment proposals pass they take effect at 2:00 AM EST on Wednesday. When Dividends proposals pass they are paid out at 7:00 EST Friday.

Tokens Edit

See: Tokens


Tokens are a temporary like. Each week users receive tokens in a few ways; generated based on percentage of memes liked, by chance based on Meme Investments, and by finding free tokens on individual Meme pages. Each week on Thursday Midnight unspent Tokens disappear, so be sure to spend them before then!